BUPLX** (Band Under Plexiglass) “Corona Virus Collection” (CVC)

    Featuring Their New Album 

“From Lockdown To Meltdown”


The band was formed and the songs were written during the period of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. Recording began in August of 2020. These are  some of the songs that were created during these times called : The Corona Virus Collection by BUPLX. (CVC) “There’s a message for all”






Richard Green – Bass, Guitars, Vocals and Lyrics

Eric J Charles – Vocals, Keys, Guitars, Drums and Lyrics

Dave Tops – Guitars

Gina Marie – Vocals

Carol McArthur – Vocals

Mark Nathanson – Drums

Mike Coulter – Drums


Jackie Savage – Lyrics on Don’t Look Back

Susan Ferrari – Lyrics on Can’t Say Nothin’

Linda Washington – Graphics

Eric J. Charles – Recording Engineer & Website Designer

Recorded @ New Ocean Music Studios, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

All Songs Published by RCG7033 (est. 2020) and New Ocean Music.