Hear Me

Eric Charles – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Drums

Richard Green – Rhythm ​Guitar, Bass

Gina Marie – Backing Vocals

Hear Me

by Band Under Plexiglass | Strange Times

 Hear Me


The wind it whistles through the pines

A symbol of our changing times

Uncertainties, unrest prevails

As never-ending Ancient tales

As time unfolds our written fate

Hold on to love not fear and hate

Hear me as the tides recede

We should not yield to others greed


Hear me now I’d like to say

We can be stronger every day

The Sun will warm our hearts and minds

Love can conquer, give it time

Let’s hold fast to our faith and dreams

We see the sky and trees and streams

Let’s be strong and stay together

Let’s be here for one another


Many years have come and gone

But we remain where we belong

We have each other and that’s enough

And do not fold when times get tough


For in our hearts will always be

A goodness there for you and me

And when misfortune does befall

We come together to answer the call

Love is not just peaches and roses

Sometimes life its’ challenges poses

But if our fate is to endure

We must keep hopin’ for a cure

But for the truth and plights of man

We have to take a firmer stand

Hear me when I’ve got, to say

We live to fight another day


Let’s be aware and find the answer

Let’s stay nimble like a dancer

As time unfolds and takes its’ toll

Only love can make us whole

Hear me as the storms subside

Listen as our Master’s guide

For in our hearts, we know the truth

And in our souls, we have the proof

Foe powers stronger than the evil

Men who rule this realm deceive us

We know our spirits can awaken

All’s not lost, not even taken

We know the answer lies in Love

And forces guide us from above

We stand together, not in fear

We are all one and always here

Hear me through the wind and breeze

As the Sun and Moon with ease

Lead us through this strange distortion

Tell us of our fate and fortune

Hear me through the wind and chimes

Embrace the ever-changing times


© Lyrics by Eric J Charles