Mind Games

Eric Charles – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Drums

Richard Green – Rhythm ​Guitar, Bass

Gina Marie – Backing Vocals



Mind Games

by Band Under Plexiglass | Strange Times



 Mind Games


I turned on the TV and took in the news

One after the other to portray their views

Am I to accept what they say at face value

Are we all doomed to death and failure

I guess they are saying the outlook is grim

Beware of your friends, your loved ones, your kin

For they are the cause of our sadness and strife

It’s best to have no one as part of your life

The way that they tell us is we are the cause

We are bad for each other, ignoring their laws

If we touch one another, we surly shall die

Let’s do what we’re told, don’t even ask why

Don’t think of logic, there’s none to be had

Don’t counsel with others, that would be really bad

So get on with your life, but guess what you don’t have one

It’s been taken away, someone’s pulled a fast one

Not even for a moment, does it not make sense

It’s so perfectly natural, there is no defense

So raise a white flag, it’s time to surrender

No need to question this type of agenda

Just herd me to pasture with the other sheep

Don’t try to say nothin’, not even Bo Peep

Please change my DNA and change who I am

And while you are at it take my freedom and friends

And if this is all just a mind game to you

Then just roll the dice for what’s in store for you

It’s not of your saying, it’s been handed down

So jump on board, no need to frown


So let’s play these mind games, Monopoly and Clue

It’s only in chance, destined for you

Now it is your turn, don’t even pass go

The game is not rigged, it’s only for show

So let’s play this mind game, will you play with me

It’s only in chance, ain’t nothin’ for free

Now it is your turn, don’t even pass go

This game is for children ages eight and above



© Lyrics by Eric J Charles