© 2020 Eric J Charles and Richard Green


Eric J Charles – Vocals, Keyboards and Drums

Richard Green – Bass and Guitar

Dave Tops – Lead Guitar

Carol McArthur – Backing Vocals


by Band Under Plexiglass | From Lockdown To Meltdown



What a state the world is in

Never been like this before

Ain’t like nothin’ that I’ve ever seen

Really don’t know what’s in store


Elections and Lockdowns, no one is sure

So many opinions, what is the cure


They want to inject us with serum and lies

And put us on welfare despite all our cries

The life I remember is so far away

Where are we heading, we’ve been led astray


I just want to make it through another day

Dear God I assure you, today I will pray


I’m turning it over, let go and let God

And hope for a reason, a wink or a nod

We ride out the storm, this too shall pass

What’s to come is anybody’s best guess

Let’s turn up the Love so we all get along

The hand of the Master can make us strong


Let’s ride out the meltdown and hope for the best

Be here for each other and pass this test


Love only Love can bring us the best

Love only Love, the wave shall crest

Love only Love, let this Era rest

Love only Love, we look to the West